docs: brief-yoctoprojectqs: explicit version dependency on websockets python module

We now check that the websockets module version is at least 9.1 in
bitbake itself so we can specify more precisely what "recent version"

While at it, list which distributions have a recent enough websockets
python module in their package feed and give some hint at how to support
other distributions.

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@ -256,8 +256,11 @@ an entire Linux distribution, including the toolchain, from source.
The hash equivalence server needs a recent version of python
websockets installed to work correctly.
The hash equivalence server needs the websockets python module version 9.1
or later. Debian GNU/Linux 12 (Bookworm) and later, Fedora, CentOS Stream
9 and later, and Ubuntu 22.04 (LTS) and later, all have a recent enough
package. Other supported distributions need to get the module some other
place than their package feed, e.g. via ``pip``.
#. **Start the Build:** Continue with the following command to build an OS
image for the target, which is ``core-image-sato`` in this example: