Library for communicating with spacenavd or 3dxsrv to get input from 6-dof devices.
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Libspnav is a C library for receiving input from 6 degrees-of-freedom (6dof) input devices, also known as spacemice, spaceballs, etc. 6dof input is very useful for fluidly manipulating objects or viewpoints in 3D space, and fundamendally comprises of relative movement (translation) across 3 axes (TX/TY/TZ), and rotation about 3 axes (RX/RY/RZ).

Libspnav is a counterpart to the free spacenav driver (spacenavd), which runs as a system daemon, and handles all the low level interfacing with the actual devices. However, it can also communicate with the proprietary 3Dconnexion driver (3dxsrv), with reduced functionality.

There are two modes of operation supported by libspnav:

  1. It can use the native spacenav protocol, which works over UNIX domain sockets, supports the whole feature set exposed by libspnav, but is only compatible with spacenavd. This is used when spnav_open is called to connect to the driver.

  2. It can use the X11 magellan protocol, based on X ClientMessage events, which is compatible with both spacenavd and the proprietary 3dxsrv, but only supports a limited subset of features. Basically just receiving input events and changing sensitivity, no queries, device information, or configuration management. This is used when spnav_x11_open is called to connect to the driver.

Also, libspnav provides a magellan API wrapper on top of the libspnav API, which allows existing applications written for the official SDK to be transparently recompiled against libspnav and be free of the 3Dconnexion licensing conditions.


To learn how to use libspnav in your programs, refer to the manual, which is available in markdown format under the doc directory of the libspnav distribution. The manual is also available online in HTML format on the free spacenav project website:

Also make sure to check out the example programs which come with libspnav under the examples directory.



To build and install libspnav, simply run:

make install

Most likely the make install part will need to be executed as root, if you're installing libspnav system-wide, which is the common case (default prefix is: /usr/local).

Running ./configure --help prints available build options.


Copyright (C) 2007-2022 John Tsiombikas

libspnav is free software. Feel free to use, modify, and/or redistibute it under the terms of the 3-clause BSD license. See LICENSE for details.